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SAAS Version 2

MAC-HBV Hydrologic Model

MAC-HBV (McMaster University-Hydrologiska Byråns Vattenbalansavdelning) was developed at the Water Resources and Hydrologic Modeling Lab, directed by Dr. Paulin Coulibaly, Professor of Civil Engineering, McMaster University, in partnership with the Renewable Energy Program and Aquatic Research and Development Section, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The aim of the software is to estimate continuous flows and their characteristics in gauged and ungauged basins located in the province Ontario to support informed decisions on sustainable use of water resources. This includes the simulation of natural flow regimes in ungauged basins to establish a reference condition that can be used to assess effects of flow alteration on aquatic ecosystems.

MAC-HBV is a combination rainfall-runoff and regionalization model that can be used to estimate streamflow (including flow confidence intervals) in gauged and ungauged basins in the province of Ontario. The model can be described as a lumped conceptual rainfall-runoff model based on the original HBV model (Bergström, 1976) and the model structure is similar to what has been presented earlier by Merz and Blöschl (2004) with a modified routing routine following Siebert (1999). To obtain better understanding of the rainfall-runoff model and the regionalization models used in this software, the following papers are reccommended.

Samuel, J., Coulibaly, P., and Metcalfe, R., 2010. Estimation of Continuous Streamflow in Ontario Ungauged Basins: Comparison of Regionalization Methods. ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 16(5): 447–459.

Samuel, J., Coulibaly, P., and Metcalfe, R., 2011. Identification of Rainfall-Runoff Model for Improved Baseflow Estimation in Ungauged Basins. Hydrological Processes. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.8133.

The software is being provided "as-is". Unfortunately we cannot offer in-depth technical support but the software has a well documented manual and is robust enough that you should not encounter any issues.

How to download and unzip the software package

MAC-HBV is free. Making this software available helps to achieve the goal of building greater understanding of flow regimes and faciltate informed resource management decisions on environmental flows. All that is asked is that you send an email requesting the password to unzip the software. If you want to add information about your intended application, great. Knowing the number of users and the applications will help guide decisions on further development and investment. Your privacy will be respected. For important bug fixes and updates, check back here regularly.

MAC-HBV is programmed using Matlab and compiled as a 'standalone' package. However, it is necessary to have the Matlab Component Runtime (MCR) on your system which is available for download below and requires administrative priveledges to install.

Please DO NOT redistribute this software. If you know of someone else that may find this software useful please direct them to this website to obtain their own copy directly. Installation instructions are included in the reference manual.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • Minimum 300 MB hard drive space
  • Minimum 1024 x 768 monitor resolution (If you have your monitor set for a higher resolution you might want to change it to this when running SAAS for a larger GUI.)
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM
  • Read/Write privileges to at least one folder on your computer -Administrative privileges during first time installation

System Recommendations

  • 1.5 GHz Processor or faster
  • 1 GB of RAM or more for large datasets


The following files were posted March 24, 2011

Click here to download MAC-HBV v1 files and manual (~ 3 MB)
Click here to download the MCR Installer v 7.11 (~ 176 MB). You require this version of the MCRInstaller if you have not previousy installed MAC-HBV or SAAS Version 2.1.1

Click here to request the unzip password.
Click here to contact Dr. Paulin Coulibaly for inquiries related to the MAC-HBV model.

Note: When you click on the MAC-HBV executable file a DOS window will open first and must remain open while you are using MAC-HBV. Simply minimise it. A little annoying but perfecly harmless. Nonetheless, we will continue to look for a way to rid us of this little reminder of days gone by.

Version history

Major changes (ie. other than cosmetic) in successive MAC-HBV versions are provided below.

Version 1 - posted for downloading on April 24, 2011