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Recent Publications

  • Prater, C., N.D. Wagner and P.C. Frost. 2015.
    Effects of calcium and phosphorus limitation on the nutritional ecophysiology of Daphnia.

    Limnology and Oceanography (doi: 10.1002/lno.10208)
  • Song, K., M.A. Xenopoulos, J. Marsalek and P.C. Frost. 2015.
    The fingerprints of urban nutrients: Dynamics of phosphorus speciation in water flowing through developed landscapes.

    Biogeochemistry 125: 1-10
  • Frost, P.C., K. Song, and N.D. Wagner. 2014.
    A beginner's guide to nutritional profiling in physiology and ecology.

    Integrative and Comparative Biology (doi: 10.1093/icb/icu054)
  • Middleton, C.M. and P.C. Frost. 2014.
    Slow and steady wins the race: Stoichiometric and growth responses of a freshwater filamentous green alga to varying nutrient supplies.

    Freshwater Biology 59: 2225-2234
  • Wagner, N.D., H. Hillebrand, A. Wacker, and P.C. Frost. 2013.
    Nutritional indicators and their uses in ecology.

    Ecology Letters 16: 535-544

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Research in the Frost Lab focuses on examining responses of ecological processes to changes in nutrients in aquatic ecosystems. Our study systems have ranged from small stormwater ponds to the Great Lakes with a particular focus on lakes in the Kawartha region north of Peterborough. We often ask questions about the environmental control of nutrients and their effects on foodwebs including algae and zooplankton. One particular interest in the lab is that of 'ecological stoichiometry', which is the study of nutrient ratios in the environment. The Frost lab has used this perspective to study how nutrient availability affects a diverse collection of aquatic life from aquatic plants and algae to mayflies and zooplankton. Much of our current research now examines animal responses (biochemical, physiological and population-level) to interactions among nutritional and environmental stressors in the laboratory and in the field.


Mailing Address

Dr. Paul C.Frost
Department of Biology
Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 7B8
Phone: (705) 748-1011 ext. 7903
Email: paulfrost@trentu.ca


The Frost Lab is accepting applications for new graduate students (MSc and PhD) with an interest in freshwater ecology. Interested students should contact Professor Frost to discuss current openings in the lab and provide a curriculum vitae, an outline of research interests, and a list of relevant course work.