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I teach the following courses:

Psych 2400H - Cognitive Psychology - Fall/Winter (formerly 225H)
This course focuses on humans as processors of information. Topics include perception, attention, memory, knowledge, decision making, and creativity.

sample syllabus

Psych-Biol 322OH - Neuropsychology - Fall (formerly 376H)
This course explores what do we know right now about the neural bases for perception, learning, memory, language, and emotion. Special attention is given to how brain pathology leads to behavioural abnormalities in humans.
sample syllabus

Psych 3460H - Sensation and Perception - Winter (formerly 366H)
This course explores the questions: How does the human nervous system sense and interpret the light waves, sound waves, pressure & temperature, and chemicals that are present in our environment? How do humans use that information?
sample syllabus

Psych 4225H - Advanced Topics in Physiological Psychology and Neuroscience - Winter 2010
This course will examine how perception, cognition, and action are influenced by the sensory and movement capabilities of our bodies. All topics will be approached from a systems-neuroscience perspective.
sample syllabus

Download a PDF of my CV here.

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