-December 2017-

We are launching eTurkey! Details here.

-November 2017-

Documentary crew from the UK visits Peterborough to film flying squirrels and wild turkeys. Keep an eye out for "Canada: a year in the wild"!

Jeff gives a presentation on lynx and bobcats to a big crowd of 113 at the Quinte Field Naturalists meeting.

-September 2017-

Congratulations to Dr. Melanie Prentice on defending her dissertation! Great work on genomics of Canada lynx!

Welcome to new graduate students Kirsten Solmundson, Sasha Newar, Rachell Dillon, Jasmine Vetch, and Laura Scott. Lots of great research in the works!

-May 2017-

We host the Wildlife 70 symposium on long-term research at Trent University. The meeting was great fun, and well attended. Details here"

Welcome to new graduate students Buddy Dupuis and Lizzie Pearce, and summer students Sasha Newar and Laura Scott.

Melanice Prentice has two publications out this summer on her lynx genomics research. Congrats to Melanie!

-January 2017-

Welcome to new Ph.D. student Jennifer Baici!

Check out the Wildlife 70 web page at Registration for the Wildlife 70 symposium on long-term research is now open.

-December 2016-

A new publication out from our group on muskrat distributions in Lake Ontario.

-October 2016-

Congratulations to Kim Morris for her publication on molecular sex determination in Peromyscus!

-September 2016-

Welcome to new M.Sc.student Samantha Morin!

-August 2016-

24-hr research derby paper successfully completed by lab group. Multi-species genetic connectivity.

-June 2016-

Congratulations to Megan Olson on defending her M.Sc. thesis on energetics and social nesting in flying squirrels!

-May 2016-

Welcome to new summer students Samantha Morin and Laura Scott!

-May 2016-

Our NSERC CREATE project website is up! Check our!

-April 2016-

Congratulations to Janet Greenhorn on defending her M.Sc. thesis on spatial population genetics of fishers!

-December 2015-

Congratulations to Michelle McKay for defending her M.Sc. thesis on Peromyscus genetics.

-November 2015-

Big congratulations to lab alum Colin Garroway for a new position as Assistant Professor at the University of Manitoba!

Jeff travels to the University of Guelph to give a seminar in the Pathobiology department.

-October 2015-

Jeff, Janet and Robby attended the annual meeting of The Wildlife Society in Winnipeg. Here is a shot of Janet in action

Lots of current and former Trent or MNRF students at the TWS meeting.

-September 2015-

Welcome to new M.Sc. student Mike Brown, and conservation intern Morgan Hawkins!

-August 2015-

Hybrid flying squirrels covered by Research Matters blog, August 2015.

-May 2015-

Welcome to new summer students Gillian Fraser and Michael Brown.

Lanna Desantis presents at CSZ 2015 in Calgary.

-March 2015-

Big congratulations to Ph.D. alum Erin Koen for receiving an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Congratulation to Gillian Fraser for winning the Trent undergraduate 3 minute thesis competition!

Check out Robby's moveable figures depicting fur harvest across North America

Jeff and Chad will give a 1-day workshop on evaluating landscape connectivity at this year's CASIOPA conference in April

-January 2015-

Welcome to new Ph.D. student Robby Marrotte from McGill University!

Watch for new publications on wild turkeys and striped skunks. Congratulations to Britney and Larissa! Congrats also to Larissa for becoming an MNRF Wildlife Habitat biologist, and to Britney for gaining employment with the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Lanna and Megan make presentations at SICB 2015.

-December 2014-

Jeff gives a presentation on connectivity at MNRF's 1st Annual Climate Change Symposium.

-November 2014-

Busy month! Jeff gives a number of presentations on "Landscape Connectivity in the Great Lakes Basin", including at the Latornell Conservation Symposium, a road ecology conference in Ottawa, and MNRF's 1st Annual Climate Change Symposium.

-October 2014-

First results of our Great Lakes Basin connectivity analysis!

-September 2014-

Welcome to new M.Sc. student Kimberly Morris and GIS analyst Chad Cordes!

-August 2014-

The lab gets together to say farewell to Erin Koen! Erin heads for a postdoc at Southern Illinois University. Good luck Erin!

A documentary crew comes out on the flying squirrel project.

-July 2014-

Erin Koen's latest paper makes the cover of the July issue of Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Congratulations to Megan and Janet for receiving OGS scholarships!

-June 2014-

Jeff co-authors a paper that is the June cover of Ecography

PLE lab attends Genomes to Biomes in Montreal.

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Koen and Britney Niedzielski for convocating this month, and to Jill Lalor for defending her thesis!

-May 2014-

Welcome to 2 new summer students, Gillian Fraser and Morgan Hawkins!

-April 2014-

Congratulations to Janet for winning a Town of Huntsville Bursary!

Melanie successfully transfers to a Ph.D. program.

Erin, Jeff, Carrie, and Aaron's paper on measuring landscape connectivity is published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

-March 2014-

Jeff speaks with CBC Radio about Canada lynx behaviour.

-February 2014-

Congratulations to Morgan Wehtje for winning an ESRI Canada scholarship!

-January 2014-

Britney defends her thesis! Congratulations Britney!

Janet and Megan begin field seasons on fishers and squirrels during the polar vortex.

Erin Koen's new paper on the genetic diversity if Canada lynx at their trailing range edge is now out.

-September 2013-

Erin Koen defends her dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Koen!

Welcome to two new graduate students, Megan Olson and Janet Greenhorn!

Megan Murrant has her thesis chapter on flying squirrel ultrasonic vocalizations published. Congratulations Megan!

-July 2013-

The PLE lab goes on the second annual boat trip to Squirrel Creek.

-June 2013-

Jeff attends a COSEWIC Terrestrial Mammals subcommittee meeting in Halifax.

-May 2013-

New mink research published. Congratulations Kaela!

-April 2013-

The PLE lab participates in a landscape genetics symposium at the 2013 meeting of US-IALE.

Jeff Gives a talk about flying squirrels to the Macnamara Field Naturalists club.

Jeff discusses findings of our mink research in Scientific American and the Environmental News Network, April 2013.

Peterborough Examiner profiles hybrid flying squirrels, April 2013.

- March 2013-

Our flying squirrel research on climate change induced hybridization is covered in Smithsonian Magazine.

-February 2013-

Lanna publishes a paper on stress in flying squirrels in the journal Functional Ecology. Check out the journal's summary with an interview and the Trent press release!

Erin wins a NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Award from the US Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology. Congratulations Erin!

The Discovery Channel films wild turkey trapping. Check out the segment on the Daily Planet! The turkey segment is the first one in the show.

The flying squirrel research is covered this month in an article on The Daily Climate. The story was subsequently highlighted by various outlets including The Wildlife Society and the Al Gore web site.

-January 2013-

Morgan takes her Ph.D. qualifying exam! Good luck Morgan!

Turkey trapping season has arrived again!

Jeff teaches a grad course in the winter term on spatial analysis and landscape ecology.

-December 2013-

Jeff gives a talk on flying squirrels to the Brodie club in Toronto, and a 'Food For Thought" talk about wild turkeys to MNR staff.

-November 2012-

Jeff publishes a book chapter on matrix modelling of marten and fisher populations with co-authors Steve Buskirk and Jon Gilbert.

-October 2012-

Jeff is quoted in a Bioscience article about caribou.

-August 2012-

PLE Lab goes the rain.

-July 2012-

Jeff visits Jochen Jaeger at Concordia University to give a departmental seminar and discuss landscape connectivity research.

Several PLE group members attend the Evolution 2012 meeting in Ottawa, giving 4 presentations in total.

-April 2012-

Welcome to new M.Sc. students Michelle McKay and Melanie Prentice!

Congratulations to Erin, Britney, and Lanna on scholarship success!

-March 2012-

Jeff was interviewed about the turkey research by the CBC's Wei Chen for the radio program Ontario Morning, March 2012 (WMA).

The wild turkey crew was covered by the Owen Sound Sun Times (March 2012). Check out the slide show!

Jeff was interviewed by the Toronto Star for a story about climate change and the spread of opossums, March 2012.

-February 2012-

Congratulations to Meghan Murrant for defending her M.Sc. thesis!

Aaron gets his M.Sc. research on Canada lynx published in Landscape Ecology! Congratulations!

Erin, Jeff, and Aaron publish a sensitivity analysis of cost surfaces for landscape resistance studies in Molecular Ecology Resources. Data from this paper are now available on Dryad.

-January 2012-

Turkey trapping on the Bruce Peninsula begins!

-November 2011-

Congratulations to Larissa and Erin for recent publication success, in Evolutionary Applications and Landscape Ecology. 

Jeff gives a talk on flying squirrels to the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists.

-October 2011-

Jeff attends the North American Symposium on Bat Research in Toronto.

-September 2011-

Welcome to two new lab members, Alban and Britney!

-July 2011-

Jeff participates in a symposium on animal movement analyses at the Stats 2011 meeting in Montreal.

Larissa gets a paper on Aleutian disease published in PLoS ONe. Congratulations Larissa!

-June 2011-

Our group takes time out from a busy field season for a BBQ at Jeff's house.

-May 2011-

New students join the lab this month! Welcome to Lanna Desantis, Morgan Wehtje, and Jill Lalor!

Meghan attends the CSEE annual meeting in Banff.

-April 2011-

Jeff is appointed as an Associate Editor for the journal Wildlife Research

-March 2011-

Colin publishes a paper on flying squirrel genetic structure during range expansion in Global Change Biology.

-December 2010-

Jeff is interviewed by the Toronto Star for a story about mink. 

Congratulations to Aaron Walpole for defending his M.Sc. thesis on functional connectivity for Canada lynx, and for landing a job as a biologist with our research group. Aaron's honour's thesis has just been published as well!

Congratulations to Kaela for winning a job as the genetics lab technician for our research group at Trent!

-November 2010-

Congratulations to Colin on defending his Ph.D. thesis! Dr. Garroway is off to Oxford in January to work with Ben Sheldon.

Publication success this month. Colin gets a paper accepted to Global Change Biology.

-October 2010-

NSERC success! Our lynx research group has had success in the recent Strategic Projects grants competition. The proposal was led by Dennis Murray.

Check out the Trent University press release about recent coverage of our research in two consecutive issues of Canadian Geographic.

-September 2010-

Our flying squirrel research is profiled by CHEX Newswatch (large WMV file).

-July 2010-

Colin gets a postdoctoral fellowship in the Edward Grey Institute at Oxford with Ben Sheldon. He'll be working on songbird social networks. Congratulations Colin!

-June 2010-

Canadian Geographic profiles our flying squirrel research (June 2010 issue).

Larissa defends her thesis! Congratulations!

-May 2010-

PLE lab hits Quebec City for the annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution. Jeff, Kaela, Meghan, Colin, Aaron, and Erin all present papers.

Andrea Coombs gets a 2-year internship with Nova Scotia DNR! Congratulations Andrea!

Two summer students are on board. Welcome to Jamie and Candace.

Publication successes this month for Aaron, Erin, and Andrea.

-April 2010-

Larissa gets a 2-year research intern position with the MNR. Congratulations Larissa!

-March 2010-

Kaela gives an Ecology and Evolution seminar at Trent.

-February 2010-

Andrea successfully defends her thesis! Congratulations Andrea!

-January 2010-

Aaron heads for field season number 2 of the lynx project!

-November 2009-

A lab potluck was held at Jeff's house on 20 November with guest of honour Dr. Jochen Jaeger. Earlier in the day, Jochen put on a great workshop on measuring landscape fragmentation, and a presented a seminar in the Ecology and Evolution series.

-October 2009-

See the piece by Discovery Channel's Daily Planet on our flying squirrel research, beginning at about 4:50 of this clip.

Jeff gives seminars on the mink research project during a Maritime tour at UNB, SMU, NSAC, and Acadia.

-September 2009-

Discovery Channel's Daily Planet spends a day filming the flying squirrel project. The piece will be shown later this year.

Welcome to Dr. Kaela Beauclerc! Kaela is a new postdoc working jointly with our group and Albrecht's group at Laurentian University on the mink project. Welcome also to Meghan Murrant, a new M.Sc. student with our group at Trent.

M.Sc. student Keith Munro defends his thesis at Carleton. Congratulations Keith!

-August 2009-

A nice piece from Laurentian University's alumni magazine about our mink research.

Welcome to Ashley McLaren, a new biologist working with our group on Manitoulin Island biodiversity surveys.

-June 2009-

Our research on climate change and hybrid flying squirrels was covered during June 2009 by various media outlets including the Peterborough Examiner and Canada's national newspaper, the Globe and Mail.

Colin's was featured in June 2009 on Peterborough's CHEX TV, and the piece can be seen on youtube.

Congratulations to Anne Kidd for landing a geneticist job with the MNR!

-May 2009-

Jeff, Aaron, Andrea, Colin, Erin, and Larissa travelled to Halifax for the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution. The PLE lab presented 8 papers at the meeting. In all, more than 30 faculty and students from Trent made the trip. See the Trent group photo.

Climate change induced hybridization of flying squirrels profiled on the Russian news site Infox - processed through Google translator!

-April 2009-

Erin gets an NSERC CGS! Congratulations Erin!

Heidi defends her M.Sc. thesis! The same month, her undergraduate research is published in coscience. Congratulations Heidi! 

-March 2009-

Colin gets his flying squirrel hybridization paper accepted for publication at Global Change Biology. Congratulations Colin!

Anne Kidd's mink hybridization paper is profiled in the Toronto Star

Jeff gives a fisher presentation at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area to a standing room only crowd.

-February 2009-

Ashley Tamlin gets her honour's thesis accepted for publication. Nice work Ashley!

-December 2008-

Anne gets her mink genetics research accepted for publication in Molecular Ecology, and Heidi gets an undergraduate research project accepted in coscience. Congratulations to both!

Our research group has a potluck at Jeff's house - a highlight is the 2008 field season slide show.

-November 2008-

Our report on monitoring wolverines in boreal forest is released!

Heidi presents her thesis research at the 2008 Waterbirds conference on South Padre Island, Texas.

-October 2008-

Colin's article on fisher genetic networks makes the cover of Evolutionary Applications. Congratulations Colin!

Erin Koen gives a seminar in the Trent University Ecology and Evolution seminar series.

Colin heads to the North American Symposium on Bat Research in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

-September 2008-

Erin Koen joins the research group as a new Ph.D. student in landscape genetics. Welcome Erin!

-July 2008-

Our flying squirrel research is highlighted in Canadian Wildlife magazine.

Colin gets a paper on genetic networks accepted for publication in Evolutionary Applications. Congratulations Colin!

Mink trapping version 2008 is underway in the Niagara Falls region. Larissa gets her first mink.

-June 2008-

Our mink research makes Wikipedia - and we didn't do it, honest!

-May 2008-

Jeff and Colin head west - to the 2008 Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution meeting at UBC.

Aaron Walpole joins the group as an M.Sc. student. Welcome Aaron! He'll be working on lynx ecology in northeastern Ontario.

-April 2008-

Jeff attends the 2008 Ontario Road Ecology workshop at the Toronto Zoo.

-February 2008-

Anne Kidd defends her M.Sc. thesis at Laurentian University. Congratulations Anne!

Our fisher research is in the news.

-January 2008-

Jeff is invited by Jochen Jaeger to give a seminar for the Concordia University geography department.

-November 2007-

Jeff is appointed to the Terrestrial Mammals Specialist Subcommittee of COSEWIC.

-October 2007-

Jeff presents a paper at "Canada Lynx on the Border", a lynx workshop in Grand Portage, Minnesota.

Heidi attends an annual gathering of Great Lakes colonial waterbird researchers.

Jeff and Colin present seminars in the Natural Resources DNA Profiling and Forensic Centre seminar series. Jeff discusses mink research and Colin discusses using graph theory in population genetic studies.

-September 2007-

Three new graduate students join the group this fall. Welcome to Andrea Coombs, Larissa Nituch, and Heidi Scherr!

Our wolverine research was published in a recent special wolverine section of the Journal of Wildlife Management.

Gina Varrin, Jeff, and Paul Gray release a report on the relationship between climate change and terrestrial biodiversity in Ontario. The is part of MNR's climate change series.

-August 2007-

Our mink research is published in Biological Conservation.

-July 2007-

Ryan Gorman defends his thesis! Congratulations Ryan!

-June 2007-

Colin and Jeff visit the Carleton University Landscape Ecology lab, where Colin presents some of his work on graph theory.

Jeff presents a paper on "Flying squirrels in winter" at the annual meeting of Ontario Nature.

-May 2007-

Colin and Anne present papers at the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution meeting in Toronto.

-April 2007-

Ph.D. student Colin Garroway received a grant-in-aid from the American Society of Mammalogists. Congratulations Colin!

Jeff attends the annual meeting of the US-IALE in Tucson.

-January 2007-

Denis Carr, M.Sc. alumni, has published part of his thesis in Oikos. Denis has used a genetic method to measure habitat suitability for fishers. 

-December 2006-

Undergraduate student Ashley Tamlin of Nipissing University has had an article published in the Journal of Mammalogy. Congratulations Ashley!

-September 2006-

Our research group has just moved onto the Trent University campus, where we now occupy the new DNA Building.