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             See Publications section for results of this study.



             The project was featured in a clip on Discovery Channel’s ‘Daily Planet’. Watch the video here.


—NOVEMBER 30, 2011—

             The 2011 September-October issue of ‘Canadian Wildlife’ featured an article on this project. Click here to read it!


—DECEMBER 10, 2010—

             PhD candidate John Benson has completed 3 years of field work towards this project and is now beginning his analysis and write-up.  We are seeking funding to conduct an additional season of pup-tagging in May 2011, but presently have not identified the funding to do so. 




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Hybridization Dynamics between Eastern Wolves (Canis lycaon) and Coyotes (Canis latrans) in Central Ontario

Eastern wolves are listed as a species of ‘Special Concern’ in Canada due to concern about human impacts such as harvest and habitat loss (COSEWIC report). Whether hybridization represents a threat to the long-term persistence of eastern wolves in Ontario is not well understood. Therefore, studying hybridization dynamics between wolves and coyotes is necessary to assess the threat of hybridization to the persistence of the eastern wolf, and such studies should be conducted before eastern wolves become threatened or endangered.


· describe the spatial distribution of wolves, coyotes, and hybrid genotypes in central Ontario

· compare fitness of wolves, coyotes, and hybrids

· investigate behavioral patterns of wolves, coyotes, and hybrids, including: a) relationships among resource use, genotype, and individual fitness, b) space use, and c) spatial interactions. 

Study area

· Western Algonquin Provincial Park (APP) and in Wildlife Management Units 49 and 50 (WMU 49/50), which are located immediately west of APP


Partners: John Benson (PhD, Trent University)

 Dr. Dennis Murray, Trent University


Funding Agencies: MNRF Applied Research and Development Branch

  Trent University

  Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI)

  Ontario’s SAR Recovery Fund

  Algonquin Provincial Park