I am the associate director of the School of the Environment at Trent University. I'm interested in understanding policies and actions for preventing climate change, particularly how we produce and consume low-carbon energy. I am also interested in community-based research and work.

I was born and raised in Ontario but spent nearly a decade studying and working in Alberta before finding my home at Trent in 2003. It's a privilege to spend my workday at a university. Little pleases me more than a visit from a student - past, present, or future - or others interested in my work. I am deeply honoured to have been the 2011 winner of the T.H.B. Symons Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 2011 winner of the CMHC Excellence in Education Award (Sustainable Practices).

I'm a social scientist but approach my research and teaching from an interdisciplinary perspective. My background spans a range of fields including a post-doctoral fellowship in the Haskayne School of Business (University of Calgary), a PhD in environmental science from the Faculty of Environmental Design (University of Calgary), and undergraduate degrees in chemical engineering (Queen's) and biology (Queen's). I am a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario.