S. Bocking

Stephen Bocking

Trent School of the Environment, Trent University

Welcome! These pages provide an introduction to my activities as a teacher and researcher at Trent University. I have been at Trent since 1994. Before Trent I was at the University of British Columbia, and I taught briefly at York University and at the University of Toronto, where I obtained my education in biology and the history of science. Here at Trent I teach a variety of courses in environmental studies, and I do research on various aspects of environmental science and politics, both historically and in contemporary contexts.

Until 2016 I was also Director of the Trent School of the Environment. We are Canada's leading undergraduate environmental unit, providing a wide array of study options, including more than 100 courses, as well as 12 degree programs. In 2010 we became the first environmental science program in Canada to be accreditated by ECO Canada. In September 2011 we launched Canada's first BA and BSc degree programs in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.

Please click on any of the links below, or contact me, if you would like more information about my work. And I invite you to visit my blog Environment, History, Science, and follow me on Twitter:

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