This page holds links to files relating to software we have created in the course of our research. Brief descriptions of each tool and hyperlinks are provided. Please contact us if you have any questions.



ThermoStat V3   -   New 2012

ThermoStat V3: Tools for Analyzing Thermal Regimes replace all previous versions of ThermoStat.  Please visit its own web site for more information. 
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WSC to USGS Data Converter
The conversion tool was made to automate the formatting of comma-delimited output flow data (.csv) from the Water Survey of Canada to be suitable for input for the HIT (Hydrologic Index Tool) program which handles United States Geological Survey data. The tool is currently in beta-testing and can handle both peak data as well as full data sets, outputting .txt tab-delimited data. The intent is to hasten data manipulation for use with the HIT program by automation of converting Water Survey of Canada data. Right click to download zip file: 15 KB



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