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Manual and Support

The ThermoStat Guide ThermoStat support starts, and usually ends, with the ThermoStat User's Guide. Basic knowledge about text files, tabs, and file organization are an asset. The User's Guide is the first place to go to find out if ThermoStat can do something you want done. Use the Table of Contents or your browser's search tool to see if you can find the answer you need.

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Emailed questions that can be answered by consulting the User's Guide will receive the lowest priority for email support, or may not be answered at all.

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Measuring Stream Temperature Using Data Loggers: Laboratory and Field Techniques  

Your Suggestions

ThermoStat tools and features evolved over a period of 5years, partly under the guidance of users. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed!


Common Questions and Their Answers

*** Do not use hyphens within files names.

Problem: I can't see the whole graphic user interface, some of its components are outside the visible extent of the program window.

Solution: Your monitor's screen resolution is lower than the required minimum screen resolution. ThermoStat requires a resolution on at least 1440 x 900 on wide-screens and 1280 x 1024 on older 4:3 ratio screens. Increasing the resolution using the Windows Desktop Properties or the Windows 7 Desktop Screen resolution option after right clicking the Windows Desktop. If your computer/monitor does not support the minimum resolution you will have to find a computer/monitor that is able to display this minimum resolution or higher.

Problem: ThermoStat's graphic user interface is not displaying the user controls correctly (e.g. buttons, tables).

Solution: Your Windows Desktop settings maybe unsuitable for the way ThermoStat renders the graphic user interface. Try experimenting with the various Appearance settings of the Windows XP Desktop Properties or the Personalize settings of the Windows 7 Desktop (right click the Desktop to open the pop-up menu).

Problem: ThermoStat crashes when I try to generate a report.

Solution: Most likely you do not have a C:\TEMP folder on your computer which the software requires to generate the report. Creating this folder at the root of your C-drive should fix the problem (this is outlined on page 2 of the software reference manual).

Problem: The program seems to take a long time to load and analyze my data.

Solution: Please be patient. Keep in mind that ThermoStat is condensing a long list of tedious manual processing/analysis tasks that might have taken a week or more to complete into a few minutes.

Rocky Mountain Research Station:

Boise Lab Stream Temperature Modeling and Monitoring 


This website (link) provides great information of stream temperature models, field methods, and broad-scale monitoring programs. Dan Isaak regularly posts informative information on stream temperature and climate change via the Climate-Aquatics Blog