ThermoStat V3.1   



ThermoStat is free. We do ask that you send me an email to nicholas(dot)jones(at)Ontario(dot)ca requesting the password to unzip the software. Knowing the number of users and the applications will help guide decisions on further development and investment. Your privacy will be respected and you WILL NOT be added to someone else's mailing list. Please DO NOT redistribute this software. If you know of someone else that may find this software useful please direct them to this website to obtain their own copy directly.


Installation instructions are provided in the reference manual.


ThermoStat V3.1 is programmed using Matlab and compiled as a 'standalone' package. However it is necessary to have the Matlab runtime environment on your system which is bundled in the Zip file.


DOWNLOAD 425 MB right click > save as ...


Note: It may take 10-15 minutes to ...


   1. Load Matlab 

   2. Run ThermoStat

   3. Run analyses in ThermoStat


   Please be patient. 


If you have installed ThermoStat V3.0 you likely have Matlab installed and just need the ThermoStat update.

DOWNLOAD 13 MB right click > save as ...