Citing ThermoStat V3.1 


If you appreciate the effort that has gone into ThermoStat, please credit the application and its authors in any published work that makes use of results from ThermoStat, citing ThermoStat as an electronic publication and giving the ThermoStat website address if the journal permits it.

Here is one possible form for a References Cited entry: Jones N.E. and B. Schmidt. 2013. ThermoStat Version 3.1: Tools for Analyzing Thermal Regimes. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aquatic Research and Development Section.

If the journal or book editor will not permit an entry in the Literature Cited section, you might try this text citation: "...computed using ThermoStat (Version 3.1, Jones and Schmidt,"

Failing that, you might write: "...computed using ThermoStat (Version 3.1, Jones and Schmidt, unpublished)...," perhaps slipping in the ThermoStat website address ( in the Acknowledgment section.

We would be most grateful if you would kindly send a reprint of any paper based on your use of the program. Send a pdf to

What You Must Agree To: Copyright and Fair Use ThermoStat is a freeware application. By downloading and using ThermoStat, you must agree not to distribute ThermoStat in any commercial form.

You are most welcome to use ThermoStat in any way you like for your own research, as long as such use is acknowledged as outlined above.