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Students with a strong interest in learning about the ecology of flowing waters should contact me about graduate opportunities. Please review our current research projects and publications. Research ideas should be related to our lab's themes. I prefer to have 2-4 graduate students working in my lab, with a mixture of MSc and PhD students and an overlap of experienced and new students. Masters students will generally be given specific projects and support, however, PhD candidates are given more latitude to develop their thesis independently. Students are often employed to begin their fieldwork before starting the graduate program.

I am interested in hard working students dedicated to achieving their graduate and career goals. In return, I will work towards your future success. Self motivated students will be rewarded with a positive graduate school experience.

It is advised to contact the Environmental and Life Sciences Graduate Program for admissions requirements prior to discussion of research topics. Acceptance into the program is dependent on academic achievements and currently a 78% grade average during the last 10 credits is required. Competition for positions can be expected. Please send an e-mail message describing your interests, career goals, and academic status (grade scores). I prefer to meet students and discuss graduate opportunities with me before formally applying to Trent Environmental & Life Sciences.  I encourage potential students to meet separately with my current graduate students.

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