Bastian Schmidt  

Analytical Ecologist | River and Stream Ecology Lab

2003 - GIS Applications Specialist, Sir Sandford Fleming College
2000 - B.Sc. University of Guelph, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 

I have always been fascinated by the way water moves through the landscapes, allowing life to flourish wherever it goes. I grew up exploring the Credit River watershed, fishing for speckled trout in tiny headwater streams near my home to languidly floating down the river's main channel on a tractor inner tube. These, and many other experiences, exploring Ontario's waterways have shaped my academic and professional interests.

My academic studies at the University of Guelph focused on understanding the flow of water through the landscape, its chemistry, its biology and the anthropogenic influences we exert on it. Mastering the art and science of geomatics at Sir Sandford Fleming College proved to be the natural and practical extension of the knowledge I acquired while at Guelph .

I joined the Watershed Science at Trent University in 2006 where I develop new spatial analysis techniques, taught professional geomatics courses as well as software application development.

I joined the River and Stream Ecology Lab of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in 2010. Here I endeavour to continue to advance our understanding of Ontario's aquatic resources. My research interests reflect my schooling and professional experience: finding novel ways of applying geomatics technologies (e.g. GIS, remote sensing, modelling, etc.) to assist with maintaining a healthy balance between human development and environmental protection.