Marcel Dorken

Marcel Dorken
  • 2017 Professor, Dept. of Biology, Trent Univ.
  • 2011 Associate Prof., Dept. of Biology, Trent Univ.
  • 2008 Assistant. Prof., Dept. of Biology, Trent Univ.
  • 2006 Career Development Fellow, Plant Sciences & St. Hugh's College, Oxford Univ.
  • 2004 NSERC PDF, Dept. of Plant Sciences, Oxford Univ.
  • 2003 Ph.D. Botany, Univ. Toronto
  • 1998 M.Sc. Biology, Queen's Univ.
  • 1995 B.Sc. Biology, Univ. Guelph

Current Students

Allison Kwok

Ph.D. candidate

Modularity and long life spans in plants mean that traits affect organismal fitness in complex ways. Allison is integrating spatial, temporal, and genetic data to make inferences about the effects of key life history traits on fitness.

Kathryn Tisshaw

M.Sc. candidate

Kathryn is studying why invasive hybrid cattails dominate in some regions (e.g. S Ontario) but not others (e.g. Nova Scotia) using a combination of field experiments and molecular-genetic data.

Lab Alumni

Prospective Students

Interested in plant ecology & evolution?

I am looking for graduate students at the M.Sc. and Ph.D. level who enjoy field work and interested in getting more experience with computer programming and/or molecular genetics. If you're interested in the ecology and evolution of plant reproduction, send me a quick email to find out about projects and funding opportunities in the lab.