Mink research

Mink abundance appears to have declined across Canada during the last 50 years. We are testing putative causes of mink declines, including habitat loss and contamination. We are also testing for effects on wild mink populations of genetic hybridization between ranch and wild mink, and of disease potentially related to mink ranches. The photograph shows a radio-collared mink near Point Pelee, Ontario, sitting in a muskrat house. We have been collaborating in the mink research program with Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde.




Kimberly Morris, M.Sc. graduate, 2017, Environmental and Life Sciences Graduate Program, Trent University

Genomic measures of introgression in American mink

Co-supervised by Dr. Paul J. Wilson


Krista Shofstall, M.Sc. graduate, 2017, Department of Biology, Laurentian University

Hybridization between domestic and wild American mink

Co-supervised with Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde


Dr. Kaela Beauclerc, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009-10, Laurentian University and Trent University

Co-supervised with Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde

Genetic consequences of hybridization between domestic and wild mink


Larissa Nituch, M.Sc. graduate, 2010, Environmental and Life Sciences Graduate Program, Trent University

Aleutian disease in free-ranging American mink (Neovison vison): prevalence, molecular epidemiology, and sources of transmission.


Anne Kidd, M.Sc. graduate, 2008, Department of Biology, Laurentian University

Mink gone wild: hybridization between escaped farm and wild American mink (Neovison vison) in a natural context

Co-supervised with Dr. Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde


Ryan Gorman, M.Sc. graduate, 2007, Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Program, Trent University

Spatial analysis of population trends of American mink (Neovison vison) in Ontario


Ashley Tamlin, B.Sc. graduate, 2007, Biology, Nipissing University

Effects of domestication on skull shape of mink


Mink publications


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