Trent Environmental Wind Tunnel Research Group

  • Aeolian Mega Ripple Investigation using colour differentiation
  • Nebkha in the Canadian Arctic
The Trent Environmental Wind Tunnel is a world-class research facility established for the study of aeolian processes.

About Us

Trent Environment Wind Tunnel

The TEWT is a low-speed research facility designed for simulation of the atmospheric boundary layer both in clean air and with sediment transport. The development of this facility has been completed entirely 'in-house' with funds provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Trent University (TU-NSRC). In 1997, the tunnel was expanded and relocated to its present site within a climate controlled laboratory in the Environmental Sciences Building.

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Research Interests

  • Physics of particle transport - wind erosion

  • Aeolian geomorphology and morphodynamics

  • Dust emission (air quality)

  • Boundary layer flows, fluid dynamics  and turbulence

  • Effects of temperature and humidity

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