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About Dr. Saville's Outreach

Dr. Saville works as an Associate Professor at Trent University where he developed and teaches the course Biocrime and Bioterroism. Currently, his research investigates fungi and fungi-like organisms that cause plant disease.Recent support from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation has allowed the expansion of this work. Previously the focus was on the fungus that causes common smut of corn, and is responsible for over $180 million dollars in losses per year in the USA. The MRI funding enabled the investigation of four other pathogens; notably, wheat leaf rust which causes losses reaching $100 million per year in Canada, sudden oak death that threatens Oak tree-based ecosystems on the west coast and a recently emerged pathogen (stem rust of wheat race UG99) that threatens wheat production on a global scale. In order to improve the sustainability of the agricultural sector and ensure a more secure food supply for the people of Ontario, youth need to become aware of the fungal threats that exist and the economic and social consequences that arise from these pathogens. Dr. Saville's research lab attempts to encourage awareness among youth by promoting this research to the Kawartha Lakes community.

Our Goals:

- To promote GeM-FTC awareness to youth and general public

- To support science in the classroom

- Stress the importance of safe and sustainable food crops locally and internationally

List of Past Outreach Activity

Keynote presentation : DNA, Sex, Drugs and X rays. Lindsay and Peterborough Area Medical Radiation Technologist talk presented March 30, 2012 in Bowmanville.

Keynote presentation: The World of Plant Pathogens.  Talk presented to the Ontario University Biosafety Officers Annual meeting Aug. 16 -17, 2012. Trent University.

Research overview and information session.  Greater Peterborough Economic Development Corporation Agriculture Annual meeting. Thursday March 8 2012

Research Overview Grain Farmers of Ontario Trent Meeting July 9, 2012

Keynote presentation: Agricultural Genomics at Trent University. Hyland Seeds Annual Plot Co-Operator and Customer Information Session. Fairfield Inn and Suites 407 North Front Street Belleville ON December 6, 2012

Keynote presentation: Agricultural Genomics at Trent University. For Northumberland Soil and Crop Improvement Association 2012 Annual Meeting. Codrington Community Centre 2992 County Rd 30 Codrington, On. December 6, 2012  

- Fleming College Community Based Applied Project (two groups of five College students) management and mentoring one semester Jan to Apr, 2013 Both groups presented  at the Community Innovation Forum Representing GeM-FTC 

Peterborough's Agricultural Society with the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation host the 2nd annual Agricultural Pavilion.The theme was 'Planting the seed today, for tomorrow's success'. It highlighted the growth the agricultural sector through innovative research and development initiatives.

Principle Investigator along with the Trent University Forensics Department host a tour and talk. Principle Investigator speaks to 40 Adam Scott students from Peterborough, Ontario about the ORF-RE/ GeM-FTC project.

Principle Investigator is invited to the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA) Annual Meeting as a guest speaker, Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre, Niagara Falls.

The Greater Peterborough Economic Development Corporation (GPAEDC) is hosting the 2nd Annual Our Fields, Our Future Agriculture Symposium which recognizes the accomplishments our local agricultural industry and helps to support farmers by offering "Business Planning", "Value-Add and Niche Market Opportunities" and "Business Management Practices" workshop sessions. Project Administrator assists with the preparation leading up to the event.

Principle Investigator along with the Trent University Forensics Department host a tour and talk, Principle Investigator speaks to 70 IE Weldon students from Lindsay, Ontario about the ORF-RE/ GeM-FTC project.

Students heard presentations and had a chance to speak to professors and professionals regarding education, science and employment opportunities in various innovative organizations and fields. This day also included a tour of Trent University research facilities. Peterborough Examiner article

Project Investigator, Barry Saville is invited to attend an Agriculture Advisory Committee meeting for the Peterborough area. He will promote awareness of the GeM-FTC project and answer questions from the public.

The Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation (GPA EDC), the Workforce Development Board and the Peterborough Rotary Club have come together to present "Adventures in Agriculture". The event promotes agricultural awareness to youth in the Peterborough region. GeM-FTC project will be part of the educational exhibitors on display at the event.

Operitel hosts the conference Innovate 360, Experience the Future of Learning which Barry Saville participates as a guest speaker.

The Peterborough Exhibition celebrates 165 years. Part of the celebration, 23 displays were showcased in the Agricultural Pavilion. Some of these included pork producers, Cattlemen's Association, GPAEDC, Innovation Cluster and the GeM-FTC display.

The APICS organization will have a chance to tour the DNA research facility, where they will have an opportunity to see the work being done and learn about the GeM-FTC project and understand the impact this project has in Ontario, and abroad.

Peterborough is the host of this years Canada Wide Science Fair where hundreds of students across Canada come together to compete at the national science level. The project P.I. and project administrator participate as judge and volunteer throughout the fair duration.