Lauren Ostrowski (M.Sc. Candidate) 

During my B.Sc in Forensic Science and Psychology at Trent University, I became interested in the field of molecular biology, specifically post-transcriptional control of gene expression.  I am currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Cell Biology and Genetics in the Saville lab, through Trent's Environmental and Life Sciences graduate program.  My current research focuses on characterizing the role of non-coding natural antisense transcripts in initiating and maintaining cellular dormancy by regulating the expression of nuclear encoded mitochondrial genes.  I am very passionate about molecular biology, and enjoy teaching related subjects.  Future career goals include obtaining a Doctorate degree and teaching at the University level.

Scholarships and Awards:
- Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2014)
- University Women's Club 50th Anniversary Award (2014)
- Student Award of Excellence (2013)
- President's and Deans Honour Roll (2009-2013)
- Community-Based Research Award (2013)
- NSERC Undergraduate Student Award (2013