Kayla Marsh (M.Sc. Candidate)

Email: Kaylamarsh@trentu.ca

I completed my undergraduate degree in Forensic Science here at Trent, initially interested in the interaction between science and law. During that time, I became increasingly interested in pathogens, briefly working with Giardia lamblia, and then further into plant pathogens, focusing on a project involving Ustilago maydis. My graduate work has taken me from the hands-on biology work of my undergrad to a focus on using bioinformatics to study an aspect of the host-pathogen relationship between Wheat and Wheat Leaf Rust (Puccinia triticina).

2011-present: Investigating wheat rust virulence evolution through transcriptome analysis of a recently emerged race of Puccinia triticina
2010-2011: Isopentenyltransferase antisense RNA in Ustilago maydis

List of Publications and Presentations
Marsh, K.M.. Saville, B.J. Isopentenyltransferase antisense RNA in Ustilago maydis. Undergraduate Thesis Defense. Peterborough, Ontario. March 26, 2011. (Presentation)

Morrison, E. N., Marsh, K. M., Emery, R.J.N., Saville, B.J. The Ustilago maydis- Zea mays pathosystem: the role and regulation of cytokinins in tumor development.Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Workshop in Mycology. Peterborough, Ontario. May 7-8, 2011. (Presentation)

Morrison, E. N., Marsh, K. M., Emery, R.J.N., Saville, B.J. Investigating the impact of fungal produced cytokinins on fungal development  and disease progression in the Ustilago maydis- Zea mays pathosystem. Plant Canada Conference. Halifax, Nova Scotia. July 17- 21, 2011. (Presentation)

Marsh K. M., McCallum, B., Wang, X., Tenuta, A., Hambleton, S., Saville B.J. Investigating emerging wheat pathogens, new wheat leaf rust virulence in Ontario. 1st Canadian Wheat Symposium. Winnepeg, Manitoba. November 30-December 2, 2011. (Poster)