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Course Code: FRSC 1011H Introduction to crime scene investigation (Sc.)

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to forensic science and its interdisciplinary nature through an exploration and examination of the forensic application of science in the spheres of government, police, legal and industry. This course will provide the student an opportunity to learn the theories of applying scientific methods in a practical setting. This will include the discovery, identification, collection and processing of evidence. This practical experience will continue with the use of such collected evidence in subsequent moot legal forums.

Course Code: FRSC 4570H Biocrime and Bioterrorism

Course Description

In Forensic Science, FRSC- 4570H students will gain knowledge of microbes and other biological agents used in criminal endeavours and an overview of some of the methods used to detect the crime and link it to individual perpetrators. While bioterrorism will be a major focus of the course it should be noted that the attacks discussed will not be limited to those that directly impact humans but also to attacks on agriculture, food and other resources. The sub-topic of biocrime will similarly cover direct attacks on humans as well as other crimes utilizing or involving biological agents. The detection and identification of biological agents and the determination of whether a crime has been perpetrated will be topics of discussion as will the broader impacts of biocrime attacks on society. The course will be lecture and seminar based. The seminar portion of the course will involve team work and presentation of information to the seminar group as teams.When each team presents they will also provide the class with a written summary of their presentation. Marks will also be given for student paper reviews, presentations, written assignments and exams.

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