Amanda Seto, Research Technician
B.Sc. (Trent University), M.Sc. (Trent University)

Research (2009-2013): Analysis of gene transcripts during Ustilago maydis teliospore dormancy and germination

Conference Presentations and Published Abstracts:

Seto, A.M.*, and Saville, B.J. (2010) Physical separation of germinating Ustilago maydis teliospores for gene expression analysis. The 81st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Phytopathological Society. Vancouver, Canada

Seto, A.M.*, Doyle, C.E., and Saville, B.J. (2011) Investigating the effect of the host on U. maydis development using teliospores and meiosis as probes. Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Workshop in Mycology. Peterborough, Canada.

Seto, A.M.*, Doyle, C.E., and Saville, B.J. (2011) The teliospore and meiosis as probes for investigating host influence of smut fungi development. Plant Canada 2011. Halifax, Canada.